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Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Do HaiO Business on 22 March 2014 by CDM Mr Chen Tian Cai

For those who have missed the training last Sat 22 Mar.
Below are some of the pics at the event:

Presenting the power point slides
How to use the slides to talk your friend or customer
Proper ways on how to introduce yourself on stage

Crowding around to learn how to use the test kit
Test the pH of RO water
(before /after adding Bamboo Salt)
Pure water are acidic, thus not healthy

Test Kits on "standby mode"

Lunch ready

'Caught' David taking video at the back! lol
All very hardworking learning how to:
use the test kit & conduct a presentation
All start blowing bubbles into the
alkaline water with bamboo salt
trying to "break up the properties"

Latest DVD on Bio Velocity out on sale now!
S$2 for 2 dics/ set
(all in Mandarin)
DVD inside contains:
How 1 mum , her children scored position # 1 and # 2
after using Bio Velocity .
Before that her kids' results were not so good.

Chart on How You can Progress in this Business 
1st Month: 1 person
(you only)
2nd Month: 4 persons
3rd Month: 18 persons
4th Month: 64 persons

(assuming one month = develop 1 generation )

3 Simple Steps to Grow Your Network

You find 2 friends within 1month/1week (or 1 year also can)
A & B now in your network
A & B will also follow you do the same, find their own 2 persons.
A1 A2 , B1 B2 will appear in your network
but you may not know them.
Whatever they do or buy will either affect or benefit you.

Price List of Side Items





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