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Monday, September 30, 2013

Bamboo Salt Testimonies & Results



A nurse who is working in one of NFK dialysis center in Jurong, Singapore was surprised to see the blood pressure results of this diabetic patient (Mr Philip)  who is on dialysis for more than a year.

Blood Pressure readings 
  • Before bamboo salt: always below 100
  • After bamboo salt: 124 !
Note: blood pressure between 100 & 140 is considered good.
Pulse Rate readings

  • Before bamboo salt: always more than 105
  • After bamboo salt: 97 !
Note:  pulse rate below 100 is considered normal

Philip will also obtain his kidney results on 20 Oct 2013. 


A doctor told this diabetic patient to cut away one of his feet in order to save his life but he can't bring himself to make a life & death decision to remove his dear foot which have being with him for many decades, thick & thin.

Feet about to amputate. Before and after consuming Bamboo Salt.
Pic A:      Before consuming Bamboo Salt

Pic B/C:  After consuming Bamboo Salt

His doctor gave him time to reconsider. Thereafter, he met one of his friend who recommended him to use bamboo salt. Within a month, his supposedly 'condemned' feet is now almost 70% healed by bamboo salt. You can see red flesh appearing.

Presently, he is responding well from the diseases & he is now known as "the man who found his leg"

Call Alan at (65) 8153 0442 for details and demo.


Detoxification Reaction After Using Bamboo Salt

Detoxification Reaction

During & after drinking bamboo salt, our bodies will undergo a recovering process. This interim phenomenon happens to most of us.

It's known as 'improvement reaction' and is different from side effects. This is only a temporary phenomenon when the body is in the process of recovering, meaning that detoxification reaction is taking place.

Daily-life examples of detox reaction includes:
  • reactions of pains on your leg when you have excessive physical exercise
  • withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking, drinking or fasting. 
 Some examples of the detox reaction during the recovery period are:
1) Oversensitive reaction
2) Excretion reaction
3) Laxity (go toilet more frequently to release toxins)
4) Higher blood pressure (temporary, will stabilize soon)

When you have 1 of the above symptoms
after taking bamboo salt, you can be reassured that it's normal & you should congratulate yourself as the bamboo salt is working on you & your body is going through a recovery.

You can either reduce the amount of bamboo salt intake or increase the amount of fluid by 30% or more. Simply put, instead of taking one packet, take only half a packet of bamboo salt or drink more water.

Call Alan at (65) 8153 0442 for details and demo.